The Burlington RC Flyers


Please download a Membership application here in Adobe Acrobat PDF Format.

Or use the online membership application with payment through PayPal.

Before applying, be sure to read the Field Rules. Any questions or comments should be directed to the Club officers.

All members must have and maintain a current  AMA membership  prior to joining the Burlington R/C Flyers.

You can also read our Club Bylaws (in Acrobat pdf format).

Membership Prices

  • Regular Members
    • Members between the ages of 18 and 65
    • $75 + $25 Initiation Fee ($100 total)
  • Senior Members
    • Members over the age of 65
    • $40 + $25 Initiation Fee ($65 total)
  • Family Household Membership
    • Membership includes a Regular member, spouse and any children under 18 in the same household
    • $100 with no initiation fee
  • Junior Members
    • Members under 18
    • $40 with no Initiation Fee

An initiation fee of $25 dollars is required of new Regular and Senior members only, new Junior and Family members do not have to pay an initiation fee.

Annual dues for all members are due and payable before December 31st for the following calendar year.

Members who do not renew their membership by the February membership meeting are considered new members and are required to pay the new member initiation fee plus regular membership fee. Contact us for more information!

New members joining after September 1 will have membership for the remaining months of that year, and the following year, provided AMA membership is maintained.

Membership contact:   David Iodice membership(at)