The Burlington RC Flyers

Field Rules

  1. Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Membership is required of all flyers.
  2. You must be a club member or guest to fly at this field.
  3. Guests of members are allowed one flying visit per year. Member must accompany guest while he/she is flying.
  4. Flying Hours: 8:00AM until dusk, seven days a week.
  5. Your frequency pin must be posted on the vertical bar before flying or testing, and must be removed at the end of flight to the horizontal bar.
  6. Frequency Identification is also required on antennas.
  7. You may post a frequency pin for 20 minutes maximum.
  8. Maximum of 4 airplanes and 1 glider are allowed in the air at any one time.
  9. Mufflers are required on engines above .051 cu. in., except 4-strokers. No flow-thru mufflers are allowed.
  10. Taxiing in the pit area is not allowed.
  11. Pilots will fly from assigned/designated pilot stations only, with 2 people maximum at a station.
  12. Fly within the perimeter of the field.
  13. Flying over the pit area is not allowed. Takeoffs should be made away from the pit area.
  14. Hi-Starts for gliders are not to be used on or across runways.
  15. Takeoffs and hand-launches are made from the runways only.
  16. Low passes or aerobatics over runways are to be done with caution.
  17. No free-flight or rocket flight allowed.
  18. Do not turn on transmitters in the parking area.
  19. Any member desiring to fly must demonstrate ability to fly, or else take flight instruction until such proficiency is demonstrated.
  20. If you cause an airplane to be damaged or destroyed, you must make satisfactory restitution to its owner. Instructor responsibility is described in the Burlington R/C Flyers Student Manual. A committee made up of club and board members will arbitrate if necessary.
  21. Dogs are not allowed at the field.
  22. If you create trash, you take it away. Please keep the field picked up.
  23. Noncompliance with Field Rules may mean suspension or expulsion by decision of the Board of Directors.
  24. All aircraft will be properly restrained when the engine is running.

These Field Rules are to help club members in securing their personal safety, and to help the club in preserving the privilege of using this field. According to the AMA, VIOLATION OF THE CLUB SAFETY RULES COULD CAUSE THE LOSS OF INSURANCE PROTECTION IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT.

The club flies out of a field adjacent to Blanchard Road in Burlington MA.